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The download links for the Pokemon X and Y ROMS are at the bottom of the page.

Pokemon x and y download
rominfo Pokemon Flora Sky Final Version (GBA)

The download link for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have finally been leaked out. At last, the English Patched ROM of the game has been leaked and we’ve had a chance to play it. In all honesty, we don’t have words to convey just how awesome it is. But who needs words when you can just download the game in under a minute? Note: The included .sav files are not working for everyone, but the game itself works 100% along with the emulator files. So go ahead and grab the Pokemon X Rom Download link or the Pokemon Y Rom Download files for the 3DS.

Among the plethora of new Pokémon are the two brand-spanking new legendary beasts that are set to appear in Pokémon Y and Pokémon X. The fairy type legendary, Xerneas, is gifted with new powers and the attack move “geomancy,” which shoots a rainbow colored eruption emanating from the earth. In addition, another one of its abilities is Fairy Aura, which grants powers to other fairy type Pokémon on the player’s team. On the other hand, Yveltal is a pseudo-flying/dark mishmash type Pokémon that wields a new move pool of its own, including Oblivion Wing, which fires off a concentrated red light from the sky itself! It doesn’t get any cooler than that, folks! Not to mention Dark Aura, Yveltal’s new special ability, which is tailor-made to counteract Xerneas’ Fairy Aura.But wait, there are also a bunch of other Pokémon making their day-view in Pokémon X and Y, including but not limited to: Pangaro, a feisty little dark/fighting type Pokémon that carries a huge leaf in its mouth wherever it goes. This leaf in question is said to have the power to predict the enemy’s moves. There’s also Swirlix, a new fairy type Pokémon. This little chap is gifted with a new ability, one that manifests itself when faced against double or triple battles. Swirlix can deal damage to a target while also restoring some of its own health points. Now that’s nifty! Last but certainly not least is Spritzee, which exudes a foul stink that results in whoever smelt the scent to succumb to the move’s spell. Aromatherapy goes hand in hand with this move.

Start strategizing, Poke Trainers!O-Powers are also going to be introduced for the first time in Pokémon X and Y. These ambiguous powers grant the user the ability to transfer special “boosts” as well as magical powers between themselves, be it online or through local wireless mode. Now you can download the Pokemon X and Y Roms for PC and start catching ‘em all today! Choose between the Pokemon x rom and the Pokemon y rom.
That’s right, we’re dead serious. We’re providing the leaked download link to the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y English Patched ROM. Sharing is caring, so we thought that it’d be a great idea to spread this game before the official release date so you guys won’t have to wait until its official released to play the new game to your heart’s content! But if I were you, I would download the games ASAP because we can’t promise any uptime whatsoever. The links might get taken down by Pokémon officials or Game Freak as soon as they find out about the leak, so hurry up and download download the Pokemon X and Y English Patched ROM already! Both Pokemon x & y roms have been released so get the latest Pokemon X and Y Roms Download For Free.
screenshots Pokemon Flora Sky Final Version (GBA)

pokemon x and y download

pokemon x and y download

pokemon x and y download

Click the download button below to download the Pokemon X Rom:

File Size: 1024mb.


pokemon x and y download

Downloaded: 71,953 times

Click the download button below to download the Pokemon Y Rom:

File Size: 1024mb.


pokemon x and y download

Downloaded: 73,732 times

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